QuestionsCategory: MechanicalWhy do nuclear power plants have such wide chimneys?
Guru asked 3 years ago
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A few technical corrections. In Nuclear power plants, The cooling towers do not collect wind. Wind is not part of the process. Air is, but not wind.

It is not smoke or steam that comes out the top.

It is water vapor.

It is too cool to be steam.

It is the same stuff as clouds.

The reason for their shape, the hyperbolic convex-concave shape is to promote air flow.

These are natural drafting cooling towers. If they are fan cooled they don’t have to be so tall.

By spraying the warm water at the bottom, cooler air is drawn in from the sides and up through the narrow part of the structure up to the top. There is a Venturi effect taking place.

Some coal plants also use natural draft cooling towers. In fact, one of the worst industrial accidents in US history was the collapse of a cooling tower at a coal pant. 51 people died at the Willow Island disasterNuclear Power Plant

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